Privacy Policy

The personal data requested and collected during communications or activities during online purchase, according to the Italian Privacy Act no. 675 of 1996 and Decree 196 of 2003 “Code concerning the protection of personal data”:

  1. Are collected and processed electronically and/or mechanically for:
    1. activate and maintain procedures to the Client for the execution of the order and the shipment of the purchased goods;
    2. maintain a private customer database;
    3. keep a private record sales that may include: name, address, address, email address, order status;
  2. Are required to best provide the requested services;
  3. If these data will be not provided, the client couldn’t proceed to checkout;
  4. Will be processed by a supplier about the performance of the services required and as specified in paragraph 1);
  5. May be disclosed to third parties only assigned to perform the tasks required for the execution of the contract, but in any case they will be transferred, sold or bartered.

Owner of the personal data processing is AMART. Antiquari Milanesi.